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The founder’s insight

TOLYCARE is a charitable 501 C (3) not for profit foundation created since 2003. TOLYCARE stands for "Treat Others Like You or Care for others as you would like to be cared for".

Based on a promise of utmost respect of human dignity, human rights, the intrinsic value of human life, and a deep belief in the principles of justice and equity, Toly Care was founded by Mr. Jumel Pluviose, RN, MSHISM.

The vision and purpose behind the creation of this non-profit entity lie in its mission to stand at the forefront of an all-out effort to make elementary education a reality in the lives of poor, deprived children in the city of Port Margot, Haiti; the birthplace of Mr. Pluviose.

The number of school-aged children not in school due to poverty stands as a threat to the very future of the nation which is continuing a backward march towards total collapse.

Driven by a history and tradition of service to the poor and neglected, Mr. Pluviose bravely took on the responsibility in 2005 to initiate this project whose mission would be to make a difference in the number of children in the city of Port Margot not attending school. Greatly touched and moved by the number of children roaming the streets of Port Margot with no real sense of purpose and direction, Mr. Pluviose took actions consistent with his personal history, beliefs and values.

Educating the young kids is the sole long term solution to rescue Haiti from the long everlasting politico-socio-economic backward march leading towards total collapse.

Ensuring optimal conditions for a child’s early years is one of the best investments a government can make. Investing in children increases a nation’s capacity to compete and grow in a global economy. When the government fails to fulfil that essential duty, it becomes the dire responsibility of devoted and engaged citizens like those through Tolycare to take it on. Tolycare believes in and adopts the old say “Education is the key to success”. President Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world. Tolycare is strongly convinced that Education is the blood life of a country to raise loyal, responsible, respectful, successful, and well engaged citizens capable to live lives to their full potential.

It is in this politico-socio-economic backward march context and rather harsh reality that Tolycare initiated the movement to educate a segment of the Haitian population which is the underprivileged children of Port-Margot, Haiti. Its mission and vision have been to find and implement innovative strategies to reduce the number of children not attending school in the city of Port Margot whose location is at best 15 miles from Cap-Haitian, the second largest city in Haiti. Tolycare was created as a non-profit organization whose primary objective would be to make a significant contribution in the fight against this dire educational crisis which stood as a major threat against the very future of this nation. The organization has since its creation been annually sponsoring an average of 200 children in the city of Port Margot giving them access to elementary school education that due to lack of financial resources would have been “off-limits.”

Though a private non-profit entity, and in spite of the nobility and value of the cause it has espoused, the organization has not benefited from available government and private funding for its efforts. As it is well recognized and narrated, Haiti presents a paradoxical educational scenario. Because of growing population and the overcrowding of all major urban areas, the reality underlying the well-known rather dismal literacy rate of approximately 15% of which 10% fall into the functionally illiterate category revealed its true dimensions and dynamics. Haiti’s public educational system fell way below the capacity required to respond to the level of need now made visible by population growth in the urban areas. Hidden in remote rural areas, though known, the problem was not as powerfully manifested as it has been in the last 30 years, since families have been abandoning the very deprived rural areas in favor of misery in cities.

As government/public schools were too few, too small, and too ill-equipped to handle the increased number of school-aged children in cities, a network of private elementary schools emerged offering educational services to those who could afford it. Needless to say that this very premise excludes the great majority of school-aged children whose parents are severely underemployed, underpaid or unemployed to afford such services. An overwhelming number of children can be observed roaming the streets of major urban areas begging or offering their services for an extremely low fee. Government response to this crisis has, at best, been cosmetic/artificial lacking both in scope and sincerity

Your financial assistance has helped us to be where we are today and achieved the following: “Keeping children off the street, helping young adults to read and write, keeping our annual Soccer tournament alive, assisting with relief of some medical discomforts, and more importantly, Giving “THE KEY” to “HOPE FOR A BRIGTHER TOMORROW”.

Our believes

Respect of:
Human dignity and integrity
Individual uniqueness
Individual rights to privacy and confidentiality


To provide educational opportunities to children in the city of Port-Margot, Haiti by empowering them to achieve their full human potential and become relevant and productive members of society. We aim to lift the veil of ignorance in favor of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Values


Jumel Pluviose

Founder / President

board of directors

Founder and President JUMEL PLUVIOSE and Vice President PAUL PERCEVAL work with a talented team of professionals to accomplish Toly Care's goals and mission.

Paul Perceval

Vice President

Kelly Owens

Board Member

Nakita Lagadere

Board Member

Edlin Regis

Board Member


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